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Mind Vector- Mind Mapping App


Mind Vector is an easy to use and one of the best Mind Mapping App. Now map your ideas and thoughts in a visual diagram with an intuitive UI for an ultimate mind mapping experience. It is a useful concept map maker tool while brainstorming with your friends & colleagues with its collaborative feature and Cloud Storage.Yes! Mind Vector is Now Available with CLOUD! Save and Import all your Data using Mind Vector Cloud
We have brought for you one of the best mind mapping tool available on the Android platform than can turn your smartphone/tablet into an idea generating machine.
Create, edit and save your ideas on your Android phone or tablet using Mind Vector. Considered as one of the best mind mapping apps in its domain, the app has a loyal customer base of over 500,000+ users on iOS and the Web.
Powered with a free Cloud Space, you can choose to create, save and import as many mind maps as you desire with this efficient Concept Map Maker.With Mind Vector app, installed on your device, you can seamlessly capture thoughts; add notes to them and save them for future use.
**Existing Paid Users of Mind Vector on iOS and Web can log in to their account and import their maps on the Android Devices**
Use Mind Vector for:
- Exploring new ideas and Brainstorming them
- Developing Travel Plans
- Creating Health and Diet Charts
- Formulating Project Roadmaps
- Efficient Note taking
- Impactful Presentations
Free Functionality:
- No need to sign up for an account
- Create, edit Mind Maps
- Add notes and URL in a single tap
- Add Child and Sibling Nodes
- Drag and Drop Nodes to Cut-Copy- Paste
- Search Node Functionality
- 3 Line styles- Dotted, Straight, and Curved to arrange nodes
- 5 Themes- Follow Color, Level Color, No Border Mode, Grayscale Mode, Night Mode
- Visualizer for Complete Overview of Map
If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you. We offer free tech support, mail us at
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